Foggy, rainy window from my leather workshop.

Rainy Monday

I had a lengthy post pre-written for today about rivets. Oooo -- exciting, huh? But as I sat here proofreading, listening to the Texas thunder and rain (which we have desperately needed for months), I decided a lesson in rivets was not right for today (tips for another day). 

Instead, I want to relish in the rainy moment. The rainy Monday. 

My yard has been suffering from the brutal heat all summer. My beautiful yard that is my sanctuary, my resort, my peace. It's filled with trees--oaks, cedars, ash. I love the shady green of my yard. Every tree, bush, flower, shrub, vine. It's a summer green that fills me with joy. After a decade in a snowy region, I promised myself when we moved to Texas I would not complain about too much sunshine. It's been hard to keep that promise this summer when the sun started to burn the green.

And today, we have rain, long, slow rain. It is welcome. It feels like the first sip of water after working in the heat for several hours. A cool stream soaking a dry, parched sponge.

The rain is fitting for me today. I've been anxious to start working on some current projects. Starting this new business means a lot of tasks are fighting for my attention. I feel parched and stretched, but this rain has turned into the refreshing sip I need for inspiration and energy. It's a good feeling I want to share. 

Wherever you are, I hope your Monday kicked off to a rejuvenating, energizing day for you, too.

Happy rainy Monday! 

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